Selected Popular Press


Radio and Podcasts

Sidedoor “Hot Bird Summer

Sidedoor “Birds, Birds, Birds!”

NPR “To Flirt In Cities, Birds Adjust Their Pitch”

NPR “U.S. Gets Middling Marks On 2014 ‘State Of Birds’ Report Card”

ABC Late Night Live “Killer Kitty”

BBC Today Programme “Should you keep your cat on a lead?”

NPR “What’s Behind Bird Flu: The Chicken or the Duck?”

Other radio appearances around the world have included Talk of the Nation – Science Friday, CBC Radio, Quirks and Quarks, BBC, and CNN radio.

Written Articles

AP news “Scientists Hail Golden Age to Trace Bird Migration With Tech

The New York Times “Animal Planet

Forbes “Bye-Bye Birdies: Almost 3 Billion Birds Disappeared From North America’s Skies In Less Than 50 Years”

The New York Times “The Crisis for Birds Is a Crisis for Us All”

Science Magazine “Three billion North American birds have vanished since 1970”

NPR “North America Has Lost 3 Billion Birds, Scientists Say”

Washington Post “North America has lost 3 billion birds in 50 years”

Audubon Magazine “North America Has Lost More Than 1 in 4 Birds in Last 50 Years, New Study Says”

Time “North America Has Lost Nearly 3 Billion Birds Since 1970”

Vice “North America Has Lost Nearly 30% of Its Birds In the Last 50 Years”

National Geographic “Three billion birds have been lost in North America since 1970”

The Atlantic “The Quiet Disappearance of Birds in North America”

Vox “More than a quarter of all birds have disappeared from North America since 1970”

Audubon Magazine “This Little Warbler Could Lead to Big Discoveries About Migration”

Audubon Magazine “Endangered Kirtland’s Warbler Makes Unexpected Debut in Jamaica”

Living Bird Magazine “View from Sapsucker Woods: Endowing a future for the Kirtland’s Warbler”

Living Bird Magazine “Jack Pine Juggernauts: What will happen to Kirtland’s Warblers after delisting?”

Science Magazine “Watch Tiny Geolocator Map Rare Bird’s Round-trip Migration “The Moral Cost of Cats”

National Wildlife Federation “The Cat Conundrum”