R2R Engagement Session 1

Road to Recovery Engagement Session:

Feedback on Workshop Report and Guidance Documents for Road to Recovery Process

December 13, 2021

3:00-4:30 pm Eastern

Via Zoom

The third Road to Recovery workshop: Developing the Process of Recovery for North American Birds was successful and insightful in how to include the social sciences, co-production and communications to recover bird populations in decline. The feedback we received from participants has led us to host the first virtual, engagement session on December 13th, 2021 from 3:00-4:30 pm (Eastern Time -EST). This was the first of many sessions meant to be an opportunity for the Road to Recovery members to keep engaged with and learn from the bird conservation community. 

Outcomes of the engagement session:
  1. The Road to Recovery Guidance document (download here): a document that illustrates the Road to Recovery process that is in development to recover bird species on the brink through a process that encompasses natural science, social science, co-production and communications. The phases of the Road to Recovery process include examples presented during the third workshop in July 2021.
  1. The Third Workshop Report (download here):
  1. A total of 40 participants joined the Zoom meeting for an opportunity to interact via break-out groups and provide feedback for the documents and future Road to Recovery work. 


3:00 pm Welcome to engagement session

3:05 pm Overview of report and instructions for first breakout

Segment One: Values of the document and ideas to improve

3:20 pm First breakout session where groups of up to 10 people will
discuss the values of the document and ideas to improve

3:40 pm Full group reporting 

Segment Two: Applications of the R2R guidance document

3:50 pm Instructions (Paul).

3:55 pm Second breakout session where groups of up to 10 people will discuss how they would apply the phases of the R2R recovery process to their work. What challenges would you face when applying the R2R process?

 4:15 pm Full group reporting

4:25 pm Adjourn engagement session

Stay tuned for the next engagement sessions in 2022.